Trying out Tiger watercolour supplies!

paintToday I’m sharing my thoughts on the watercolour paper and watercolour paints that can currently be purchased from Tiger Stores here in the UK. Tiger Stores sell many art and craft supplies and I’m a big fan, so when I spotted a block of watercolour paper (20 sheets 300gsm) and a watercolour paint pallet for £5 each I had to try them! I was impressed with the paper, not so much with the watercolours. But hey ho, it was fun to use them and I will reuse the pallet and pans for sure.

Featured in this video is a colouring page from the “Spring Garden” set by Maisie at Ma’at Silk. The set is available on Etsy and you simply print out the image you would like onto whatever paper you like at home. What I particularly like about the colouring sets are that they include different colour line art, which is really handy if you’d rather work on a more subtle picture or have fun customising the line art yourself. So without futher ado, here’s my Youtube video in which I play with the supplies! Hope you enjoy it 🙂


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